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6x22 The Man Who Knew Too Much

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an angel of the highest rank.
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poor little rose.

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Just hit another hundred, so making my first follow forever!

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I’m like basically sure I missed some people, so please don’t be offended. If I follow your blog, it means I like it a lot. See my blogroll here.

OMG thank you!!!

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Wow, this is long overdue, but here is my first follow forever! I just wan to thank all the amazing blogs I follow for making my tumblr experience wonderful :)

 Also, I’m 300% sure that I forgot someone and I’m super sorry


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Thank you!!!!

My plan is to give a damn.

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hey guys! sorry for the awkward graphic (i got a lil excited yay)…and today is officially my 1st blog-month anniversary! and of all the awesome bloggers and hella blogs I’ve encountered <3

Friends! *insert clever friendship quote*

Leah | Lily | Carrie | Erin | Alynn | Zee | Nina | Cadia Lauren | Ana 

Rad Blogs! mutuals bolded; italics: bloggers i bother a lot uwu

plain text: blogs that aren’t mutuals but I still love a lot and forever


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 easterbuncas | endvehrseenochiandean enohchian| fairyjensen | faithcasfierysam forsakencas | freewillsam |friskydean | gostfacers guardiancas guinecas halocasheavenkevin helpcas hippityhoppitycashopefuldean huntingsammyimpalangels imperfectcas impossiblycas infernalcas| joseisands | knightofthehellloyalmeg lucifersvessell lucifeur luifcer | lustrasammercycas | mercysam | mintcastiel mintmisha mishaholicc | mooseleysnebuladean nerdcas nimblecas


officialdestiel | outsidedangel peachydean peniscas praisingdean precioussammyprovocativecas punksam rabbitmeg radioactivedean rakishdean rebeliousdean revivingkevin saladshakersam sammysjerk sappycas | savinglucifer | sebastiel shippedcream shakethatcass sherlockholmles shlucifer sluttywill smashstiel snugglescas snuggycas | sorryclarence soulmatesam springtimecas stargazercas | stolenimpala stormynovak sweetdeaan sweetonclarence 


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i’m sorry if i forgot anyone (im really dumb and can’t alphabet so if i forgot you or you think i did please do tell me)

and yeah im so happy i finally finished this after like 5ish hours of formatting and graphicking and procrastination…but it’s up! <3


33-35/ of dean winchester

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are you dead?' - meta fiction (9.18)

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I had the weirdest dream oh my god

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little by little the old world crumbled, 
and not once did the king imagine
that some of the pieces might fall on him.
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Remember when I wore lipstick